OfS Transitional Mental Health Project

The Transitional Mental Health Project is funded by the Office for Students and focuses on helping students to make the best start to their time at university. A key element of the project is student co-creation, enabling peer-to-peer support for mental health and wellbeing. Our Student Content Creators develop videos and articles discussing their experiences and giving advice, as well as featuring in our BuzzFeed style video series. We’ve also launched our own student-hosted podcast, Fresher Take, with discussions on different topics in each episode.

The project is run jointly with the University’s Wellbeing Team and it also involves the Lincoln Higher Education Research Institute and the Students Union. The project team also work with partners across the city, such as Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln College, Linc Higher and the NHS, as well as with our digital partners, Fika and UniWellbeing, who provide tools for students to support each other and themselves.

As part of the project, we’ve introduced and are piloting new platforms for students such as the UOL Student Life App and Fika Mental Skills App.

For more information about the project, please visit the project website or contact Jasmine Foley, Digital Project Lead.