Fresher Take podcast

Fresher Take is a student hosted wellbeing podcast. The current hosts are Becki and Ben and on their podcast they talk about various different topics, such as homesickness and time management.

Their recording style is laid-back and candid, and there is also the odd interview that they conduct with professionals, academics or other students.


Occasionally guests feature on our monthly Fresher Take podcast, all about living, wellbeing and transitioning into university. This is something you can get involved with! Currently we’re recording the podcast remotely, so you just need a quiet room and your phone/ laptop.

Recording Tips

  • Make sure the room you call from is quiet. No background noise or echo.
  • Research the topics before you record.
  • Maybe take some time before recording to walk it through with the other hosts.
  • It’s not live. We edit the recordings so don’t worry!
  • Approach it like having a conversation.

All of the current podcast episodes can be found on freshertake.buzzsprout.com or on all major podcast streaming platforms. It is a good idea to listen to a few to get a feel for them if you are interesting in being a guest host.