Video production

In collaboration with Digital Education, we work alongside a team of Student Video Producers to film and edit educational and student engagement video content.

Schools and Professional Service Departments can also commission us to create student-led videos for a range of purposes. Whether it’s capturing a conference, part of a student comms campaign or to support student recruitment, we can deliver various outputs depending on what’s needed e.g. full length version, social media optimised etc.

Alongside the production of standard video content, the team is able to produce high quality 360 degree photography and video, photography, design, narration, animation & live-streaming.

If a project is for educational use or is designed to enhance or support the student experience, we should be able to cover any costs. However, if a project falls outside our remit, we will normally ask Schools or Departments to cover the student pay costs.

Please fill out the Video creation request form if you wish to enquire about a video project.

Once you have submitted the form, we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the outcome or objective of the video and to start developing a brief. We will work with you to develop the approach and ensure that the final video meets your needs and objectives.